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Cara Solutions, your Trusted Telecoms Partner

Your Trusted Telecoms Partner

We offer unmatched expertise and cutting-edge solutions to ensure seamless connectivity and communication. With a track record of delivering reliable and customized telecoms solutions, working with Cara Solutions guarantees unparalleled support and transformative results for your business.


Cara Solutions stands out as the ideal partner for SMEs due to our comprehensive range of services


With expertise in enterprise-level advanced VoIP solutions, robust SipTrunks, comprehensive call recording capabilities and Wi-Fi design.


Enabling high-quality voice calls and multimedia sessions over the internet, offering cost savings and flexibility for businesses

SIP Trunks

Providing a reliable and scalable solution for SME & Enterprises to connect their IP-based communication systems to the Public Switched Telephone Network

Cloud-based Phone Services

Empowering businesses using the Power of Internet and Cloud Technology with seamless connectivity and enhanced collaboration capabilities

Call recording

Capturing and retaining important conversations, helping with customer service, ensuring compliance, and gathering valuable insights for training and quality assurance purposes.

Call reporting

Providing businesses with valuable ianalytics on call volume, duration, and other metrics, enabling them to optimize resources, track performance to improve their communication operations.

Networking Services

Securing infrastructures, enabling seamless connectivity, efficient data transfer, and robust network management for enhanced productivity and collaboration

Why Choose Us

Choosing Cara Solutions offers several compelling reasons.

%100 Trust

100% Irish Company, Cara Solution is your trusted Telecoms Partner in Ireland.

Flexible Working

Each customer is different, this is why we adapt to you, to offer the best solution, always.


Taking problems but giving solutions at the best price in the market and with Cara Solutions